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Millard, S. K., Furman, A. J., Kerr, A., Seminowicz, D. A., Gao-Smith, F., Naidu, B. V., & Mazaheri, A. (2022). Predicting Post-operative Pain in Lung Cancer Patients using Pre-operative Peak Alpha Frequency. British Journal of Anesthesia link

Segaert, K., Poulisse, C., Markiewicz, R., Wheeldon, L., Marchment, D., Adler, Z., Howett, D., Chan, D., & Mazaheri, A. (2022). Detecting impaired language processing in patients with mild cognitive impairment using around-the-ear cEEgrid electrodes. Psychophysiology link 

Furman, A. et al  (2021) Sensorimotor Peak Alpha Frequency Is a Reliable Biomarker of Prolonged Pain Sensitivity. Cerebral cortex link.

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I am an associate professor at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham and a Principal Investigator at the Center for Human Brain Health.

The aim of my research is to understand from a neurobiological perspective why certain individuals are more vulnerable than others to developing disorders such as postoperative delirium, chronic pain, and dementia. 

Exciting News ! :  Funded PhD studentship available in my lab: 

 "Investigating the relationship between peak alpha frequency and post-surgical pain sensitivity." For more information see here.  Closing date: July 1st 


Recent research that investigated the link between inflammation and brain fog. Click here for news story, and here for publication link.